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Tawabil Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd

Tawabil Enterprises Limited have devotion and commitment that conveys premium ethics of social and corporate responsibilities by meeting the criteria of both society and commercial world simultaneously.
Since beginning our brand remain loyal to all the ethical, moral and honored activities without the violation of such respectable responsibilities.

Our Story


Our vision is to transform the customer’s need into well-refined food cuisines on the strong foundations of boosting healthiness, fitness and enchanting flavors. With our professional experts and faithful cooks,

           Tawabil Enterprises Limited firmly believes in putting down an exceptional taste to your tables. Our every single food product is prepared with care that aspire to set the innovative standard in the Pakistan food industry.

             Here we have classified our mission list to aware our dear customers about how we place hearts in bringing high-quality food ranges for them. We strive to bring highly unique flavors with wholesome yet spanking new ingredients.

        We endeavor to utilize only healthy and nourishing spices and other natural elements as Safety of our customers is our foremost priority. We invest financial securities in research and development operations to acquire more value-added services and globally rich flavors or luscious savors.

About Us

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The core pillars of Tawabil Enterprises Limited was laid by Mr. Muhammad Farhan Ali Chaudhary, with a brilliant vision of spreading happiness, love and bliss wrapped within the delightful culinary range.

              The journey of Tawabil’s remarkable success starts from Abu Dhabi when the dream of one man became a reality! A visionary entrepreneur, an avowed humanist and a committed philanthropist, Mr. Muhammad Farhan Ali, Chairman, Tawabil Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd, helped pave the way to success by pioneering in the spice business with a single room operation.

               Today, Tawabil is a powerful global brand that has presence in all over the globe. Tawabil Enterprises Limited is a manufacturer and exporter of ground and recipe spices. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.


Our Research & Development comprises of a team of experts and culinary food scientists who work directly with the Board of Directors. These dedicated professionals work religiously to deliver an enticing world of flavors and innovative food products under direct supervision of our board.

          This reflects in our diverse range of high-quality food products while maintaining a wide range of successful recipes mixes that have already left a mark within the spice industry across the globe.

           Our modern R&D lab is equipped with high-end commercial kitchen and state-of-the-art equipment to accelerate and aid innovation. This also includes sensory facilities for objective evaluation of the different characteristics in our finished products. With its extensive resources, Tawabil’s R&D continuously explores new ideas and strives to develop trending prototype food products.


At Tawabil Enterprises, quality is our religion. We strive to set our Quality Operations as a benchmark for the industry at large.

       Our mission is to provide our consumers with supreme standards of product quality, safety and consistency.

         Our Quality Control department regularly monitors the different phases of production from research & development to packaging and distribution while conforming to national and international regulation and legislation. This ensures highest quality at each stage of production for our consumers to safely enjoy our food products.